In older construction and additions, the exterior ends of the floor joists are supported by short structural wood walls skirting around the structure. Below the joists and behind the pony wall is the crawlspace area. Also known as a sub-basement, it can consist of a partial basement due to later additions, upgrades or by design. Bringing your crawlspace up to code helps keep the humidity down, eliminates the musky earthy odours emanating from the exposed soil. Winnipeg building code calls for “6mil CGSB Approved Poly” overlapped and a bead of acoustic sealant finished with sheathing tape on all seams for good measure, and covered in a minimum of 2 inches of sand.

A properly prepared sub-basement is clean and dry and that makes all the difference on first impressions. A clean dry sub-basement offers lots of extra storage options.

The wood walls usually sit directly on the mud (period construction) and last about 40-60 years before dry rot sets in the mould eating away at the wood cellulose causing it to hold its shape but become soft and brittle. When the decades start to take their toll, the soft wood compresses and the studs are rotted out at the bottom, the house starts to shift and sections start to sag.
When it is finally time for repairs, Private Foundation Repairs of Winnipeg is there to help ease the burden of costly repairs. With 25+XP in the foundation repair industry, we offer low rates. We can do partials, one or two walls at a time as the budget allows or a complete overhaul. We can even simply install extra load bearing support beams to take the pressure off rotted walls.

The good news is that this type of work can be relegated to the winter months for cost savings! You as the customer get a better deal when work is scarce and so contractors will sell these jobs at a discounted rate to keep employees working. Private Foundation Repairs of Winnipeg offers the best rates of all!

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