My basement wall is leaking, I cant tell where it is leaking from but water is pooling at the bottom of the wood stud finished wall.

One of the most common problems, a leaking concrete foundation wall hidden from view behind drywall because the basement is finished.

IF the wall has a window, windows are always suspect being that it is an actual hole in the concrete, the pressure points are the bottom corners of the window. With the inevitable settling that occurs throughout the lifetime of the home built on a footing this is the most common problem when it comes to foundation repair and exterior excavation.

So, it’s not the window? Next, the 2nd most common issue is rusted out snap ties. Oh those snap ties! Used in the construction of the home, snap ties hold the concrete forms in place. Cast in place, they are broken off for the expedient removal of the plywood form and a dab of foundation coating is applied to the exposed snap tie. The coating can wear off, rub off, be knocked off, deteriorate due to weathering, or simply been missed.

On a finished wall, you never know exactly where the wall is leaking but digging in the general area of the leak, a span of 20 feet of wall usually does the trick.


Another common problem is a buckled foundation wall or as it is knows in the business, structural failure of the foundation wall. Usually denoted by a horizontal crack the length of the wall, it is best to have these problem dealt with as soon as they are realized. As the movement continues, a buckled wall folds it is pushed inwards because of the pressure from the mud and sometimes exacerbated by the combined weight of mud with a concrete pad on top, or maybe a concrete step sinking and taking with it a portion of wall. Catching these things early is prefered to waiting until the superstructure shifts, doors and windows start to jam and refuse to open and close. Levelling a corner or entire side of a wood structure is an expensive undertaking. BUT you don’t have to if you take care of the problem as soon as you discover it!

The longer the problem is allowed to sit with no action being taken to repair or remediate, the more labor intensive and invasive the problem becomes.


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