Concrete wall repair. Repairing leaking basements in Winnipeg, surrounding area and cottage country.

Excavation and exterior waterproofing is big business in Winnipeg. Due to unique Winnipeg soil consisting mostly of dry riverbed and river sediment, it is pure mud, pure gumbo, and as such it is subject to greater movement with shrinkage due to drying and or the retention of moisture which results in expansion. Repeated expansion and contraction over the season, within the extremes of Winnipeg climate leads to pockets and voids under and around the foundation, which of course results in greater movement and settling.

There are about as many methods of repairing a wall as there are foundation professionals in Winnipeg but that does not mean they are all equal.
Times change, as more knowledge is gleaned, technology changes and so we must embrace new products that are superior to the old, and apply technology that uses the latest advanced methods that prove the most reliable in Winnipegs unique environment.
We use only “The Original Bluskin” for all our waterproofing applications. When installed correctly this product should easily last the life of the foundation wall.


Why Bluskin?

Bluskin retains its elasticity, meaning it stretches as the foundation settles and shifts. With the old method of taring the wall with a simple foundation coating, as the tar degrades, it dries out and becomes solid and brittle. When settling and shifting reoccur, (and it will) the tar fails, it cracks and chips off the foundation wall. Back in the day, with the products available at the time, that was the best method available and that was how we repaired foundation walls but times change and technology changes. Bluskin is far superior to the old tar, tar and mesh or tar, mesh and plastic barrier. As much as I love the old school because that is where I am from, in this instance, it is inferior by at least one order of magnitude. So don’t get sold on the old school with concrete cement foundation walls.

If you have a stone masonry foundation wall, now that is old school. Bluskin does not work properly as it is best adhered to straight smooth surfaces.

For the next type of foundation wall, tar method will suffice but bituminous asphalt is superior for this type of repair.