These are the most common exterior structural repair services.

One of the most common type of structural repair consists of failed foundation walls, cracks that appear horizontally generally denote structural failure. When they shift inwards, this is referred to as deflection, they can press against studded walls, push electrical panels, hot water tanks and furnaces causing more problems. When structural failure is evident on the foundation walls, repairs should be undertaken immediately. When left unattended, they grow much worse due to the weight of soil pushing during expansion when freezing or during wet conditions, possibly to the point where doors and may be impeded from opening or closing properly. Honest contractors will not warranty a leaking wall without proper repair.

Enter the steel angle iron structural foundation reinforcement brace. These bad boys are more than up to the job. A couple jacks and posts, push the wall back to vertical and install one of these every five to eight feet and you are good to go, 99% of concrete walls can be repaired in this manner. Walls can be falling apart and still be repaired.

Another structural failure is the failed foundation footing. This is denoted by cracks in the footing, these can only be repaired by drilling of foundation piers, also known as piles, only the failed area need be repaired in most cases. Once the foundation is stabilized, waterproofing repairs and the leveling of the wooden superstructure can begin. Cracks in the footing unfortunately are not noticed until major shifting and structural damage are already occurring as a result.


Lets talk “Remediation”

DMX (dimple board)

The other option is remediation. This is the path taken when economics are the issue but this is one solution for waterproofing the walls on a failed foundation. This is the reason DMX aka dimple board is such a superior all around product.



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Experienced in all manner of technique, it is evident that the simplest solution is usually the best solution.


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