Short Concrete Walls In Half Basement or Dugout, Brickwall, Cinder Block With Mud Fill Behind, Exposed Mud, Mud Basement

Dug outs usually refer to the space in a sub basement enclosed by a retaining wall used for storage and utilities like the furnace and hot water heater. Over the years, with the settling and shifting of the soil, retaining walls can be in need of repair eventually and one of the most common problems is they can begin to lean over, the wall itself may fracture into several interconnected pieces.  It’s also a convenient space to put a washer and dryer. 

Winnipeg’s Private Foundation Repair Installs DMX Dimple Board —DMX is perfect for small areas of retaining wall that are leaking, or where there is moisture at the bottom of the wall and floor. A simple and economical solution to your foundation repair issues. 


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