Winnipeg Low Cost Concrete Restoration Alternative

Restore that old concrete surface and enjoy It once more!
Most concrete contractors will simply want to replace the concrete as the money is better in removing and replacing the offending area. In most cases, this is simply not required. If you are thinking of selling, topping cement definitely adds some curb appeal. With the new modern acrylic bonding agents used today for repairs, the resurface repairs last many years when proper products are used.

Pour Topping Cement Resurface All Cement Concrete Slabs Steps Sidewalks Walkways Landings Patios in Winnipeg

Topping Cement Fine aggregate of 5mil or 1/4 inch pea gravel with portland and sand. We use an acrylic masonry adhesive added to the mix as well as applied to the surface in repair. Form the edges with the proper slope giving a couple inches of topping on the old cement. It lasts years and is especially good if you are looking at selling the property, adding curb appeal, or if your just tired of looking at the broken old concrete but don’t want to pay the high price of replacing it. This can be feathered into existing slopes seamlessly in most cases.

Garage Floor Repairs– Cut or chip the rotten area out. The rotten area is usually caused by salts from the road, when the vehicle enters the garage or parking area, melting occurs, notice the sections where the wheels sit in need of repair because of flaking and chipping. This is a chemical reaction between the salt on the tires and wheel wells and the cement slab underneath.

Basement Floor Slab Repairs Partial slabs, cover up that low spot or remove the high spots and level out that floor.

Landings, Sidewalk and Step Resurfacing and Repairs Did your concrete crack, shift and fall away, or did it just chip and flake here and there. Also, makes snow easier to shovel, with a smooth surface to shovel off the snow, it is much easier and a joy to keep clean! Beautiful in the Winnipeg winter as well.

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