Common areas that are in need of exterior waterproofing and drainage remediation are windows, chimneys, and corners.

The window outlet is the weakest point in the concrete foundation wall, cracks usually appear at the bottom corners due to shifting and settling. Sometimes a window well will get backed up because of inadequate drainage, this can cause intermittent problems especially during unusually heavy inundations and can also be problematic during spring thaw and due to run off.

Chimneys are another area that regularly experience drainage issues. Lack of drainage is the most common, leaking  and moisture penetration being the usual result. Chimneys are made of brick, or blocks, held together by mortar, this mortar can deteriorate over time. Deterioration can be accelerated by environmental conditions. Repairs to this area are part of the lifespan of the foundation, deterioration of the chimney bricks/blocks can be halted and expensive repairs avoided.

Corners take constant stress from shifting, settling is normal over the life of the foundation as environmental conditions change, cracks from the stress of settling happen to the best of footing pads, These stress fractures can sometimes be seen visually above grade snaking downward below the surface of the soil, usually at an angle away from corner.