Exterior Foundation Repair in Winnipeg and Surrounding Area


Foundation repair in Winnipeg and surrounding area. From wood walls built in the 70’s, masonry walls at the turn of last century, or modern concrete construction repairs.

We use only “The Original Bluskin” waterproofing membrane.

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Interior Waterproofing Remediations in Winnipeg and Surrounding Area


Interior repair is the yardstick that all foundation repair professionals are measured by. The average foundation repair professional is your basic digging crew, digging crews are a dime a dozen, not so with the true professional.

Interior foundation repairs can be challenging and as such, ideally you want someone with extensive experience in all manner of structural repair and drainage remediation.

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Concrete and Masonry Repair in Winnipeg and Surrounding Area


You don’t go about 25+XP in the business without learning the ins and outs of concrete repair and masonry repair. This is what separates the true professional from mediocrity. Don’t gamble on a one trick pony when it comes to your home.

With 25+ years in the industry you can count on our experience to get the job done right, with the right job for the repair.


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So call today for low cost, down to earth pricing!


We preform and practice “soft” excavations. A soft excavation is an excavation preformed by hand, as in shovel and wheelbarrow. A soft excavation is an excavation preformed without any mechanical aid, there is no neighbourhood disruption as the work is very non-invasive to neighbours when preformed by hand. This means no big noisy machines that pollute, track mud, destroy vegetation and block the street for any reason.


We use only the latest products that have proven effective in Winnipeg’s grueling climate.



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